June 9th, 2017

Today, the world stands on the precipice of a massive shift of consciousness.  An event that will ignite a fire that will engulf the hearts of millions, glorifying God in a way not witnessed in generations.

My name is Daniel and a little over a year ago, I had a revelation of God’s love which was so powerful, it changed my life forever. The odd thing is, after spending most of my adulthood seeking God, this revelation came at a time when I was further from God than I had been in many years (READ MORE HERE). Of all the things I will share with you through this website, there is not another subject more difficult to articulate than this: the extent of God’s love for us. However, if I stopped writing every time I struggled to articulate something, this would be a website starved of content (Oh wait… That’s right. This is a website starved of content).

The revelation itself wasn’t an epiphany, prophecy, or anything like that (though I have experienced these too, in varying degrees, over the past 15 months), but rather it was as if, for the briefest of moments, the walls of my heart disappeared and I finally allowed myself to be loved by God. And when I say brief, I mean thousandths of second brief. But despite the brevity, the effects of this love have altered the way I view the world forever. In the days and weeks following, I chased that feeling. I’d devour the Word with an insatiable appetite, with His words unraveling in ways I had never imagined. The perfection of His ways became clearer with every page I read and re-read.  I was finally having a true, experiential relationship with the Father.

A few days after this profound revelation of God’s love, which I call my “conception”, I began to really dig into the prophecy of “Seventy-Sevens” found in the ninth chapter of the Book of Daniel. As I tried digesting what I was reading, it was clear to me that the widely accepted interpretation of this prophecy didn’t make any sense to me. After days of frustration trying to figure it out intellectually, I gave up, telling God, “I QUIT!”.

Fifteen minutes later, I had an interpretation that made sense like nothing else I could find on the internet. A few days later, I had a revelation of the prophecy hidden in the first chapter of Genesis. With every revelation, my faith grew. This was an exciting time for me, as I was gaining insight and understanding at a pace I had never experienced in my life. It seemed that nearly every day, I was undergoing another paradigm shift.

However, it wasn’t all ice cream and rainbows either. While undergoing such a radical shift in perception, on nearly a daily basis, I found it extremely difficult to focus on my business, my relationships, and my responsibilities in general. It took real effort to engage in any subject other than those found in the Word of God. Add to that, a feeling of time running out, I am sure my friends still think I have lost it. Admittedly, there were several points over the past 15 months where I felt I really was close to losing it. Thankfully, I never fully crossed that threshold.

One night, a few weeks after my conception I had a revelation from God that was different from the ones I experienced previously. Up to that point, my revelations were more like epiphanies. This experience in particular was the result of a conversation, albeit a brief one, with God. Though His voice wasn’t audible, it was crystal clear and unmistakable. Here is an excerpt from another post of mine that describes the interaction:

I have heard God speak to me before, but since my “conception” I had not heard God utter a word to me. Rather, the revelations were like a raising of a curtain revealing a knowledge already known. This having been different, I decided to take an opportunity to gain some more insight as to the path I am treading. I said, “God, I feel like I am going crazy with all my thoughts centered around end times, Jesus’ return, and what my purpose in all this is. Could you just tell me when these things are going to pass so I will know that these thoughts are of you and not from me?” He said, “You will see start seeing the signs from April 26th to May 26th… By June 6th it will be undeniable.”

This was a very exciting moment for me. I believed God gave me something which would prove (to myself) once and for all, the God, with whom I was having this experiential relationship, is real and active in my life. However, as the days and weeks passed, I found myself standing on the other side of June 6th without any kind of “undeniable” confidence in anything. With this my faith crumbled. Not to the point where I doubted the existence of God, but rather I doubted His existence as I had come to know Him over the previous few months.

As the days and the months passed, I still was receiving insight and understanding on a regular basis, though I had settled back into my worldly role, and my insatiable appetite for the word was now satiated. I started reading and studying extrabiblical materials, like the ‘Book of Enoch, St. John of the Cross ‘And Dark Night of the Soul’, I even listened to the Bhagavad Gita audiobook on one of my cross-country road trips. I found myself seeking God in an entirely different way.   I no longer was trying to earn a relationship with Him, but I felt He was loving me and accepting me for exactly who I was at that moment, as opposed to Him loving some future version of myself after having been redeemed with a renewed mind.

As my attachments to my own deeds, be them “good” or “bad”, slowly began falling away, I started seeking God unashamed. I began talking to God on a regular basis, learning to discern between His voice and the voice of the “other”. I began to feel my spirit being gradually liberated. Throughout this time, I found reading His word required an immense amount of energy, whereas before it was effortless.   This period lasted for over six months.

During this time, I was forced to readjust my priorities to give much-needed attention to my business and my business began to thrive again. However, several months later, after I turned 40 in December, things began to change rapidly.  My business partners, who were also my main client, devised and executed a scheme that effectively left me without income.   I was able to find work to get some income coming in, but it became clear to me this new client was just a short-term fix. Ordinarily, I would have been riddled with anxiety until I at least understood where my next checks would come from, but I really expected a major change and I trusted in God that the path would be revealed.

As the weeks passed, I would start to give in to fear and doubt but would be quickly reminded by God to have faith in Him. He would constantly remind me I lacked nothing in the present moment and to continue to experience this relationship with Him, that is where I needed to stay – In the present.   As the anniversary of” my conception” neared, I started wondering if maybe God was talking about April 26th to May 26th of 2017, not 2016. After all, he never did specify a year. Soon April was here and, with it, some experiences which would ultimately shift my reality so drastically, that I could never live the life I did before these experiences…

I have so much more to tell you about this journey and you literally won’t believe the dramatic transformation I have undergone. Until next time….

For His Glory and By His Grace,