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I am the Unmerciful Servant…

Dear Christians, For the last few months, something has been weighing heavily on my heart. However, over the last week or so, this “weight” has started to become unbearable. As a man who’s made it a mission to reflect Christ in all that I do, I see everyday the areas in life where I fail [...]

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Creation- The Story of the End as Told at the Beginning?

** 5/17/2017- Update- In reading this post again, I decided to update certain sections of it as my perspective has changed a bit. As to not intentionally deceive, or otherwise mislead readers, I put a note at the top the section, while leaving the original in tact. Other grammatical errors may or may not have [...]

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Revelation of things to come (For you, for me or maybe both?)…

For those of you that read my introductory post, labeled "My Conception", you will understand the miraculous intervention God spoke into my life. Since that day (a month ago today) I have had daily revelations from God (Him revealing a knowledge already there) and some of these have been spectacular, while others are painful and [...]

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My Conception

April 19th, 2016   Hello Friends... My name is Daniel and I have created this site with you to share with you the awe inspiring glory of our Father in heaven, by sharing the miraculous results of His hands reshaping my life. For the past nine years (since my formal baptism with my church), I have [...]

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