For those of you that read my introductory post, labeled “My Conception“, you will understand the miraculous intervention God spoke into my life. Since that day (a month ago today) I have had daily revelations from God (Him revealing a knowledge already there) and some of these have been spectacular, while others are painful and hard to swallow. However, today I feel called to share with you a revelation that I had three weeks ago.

One night before bed, I was praying in the shower, pleading with God to forgive my sins and to recognize that in spite of all my wretchedness, I maintained the heart of a child within. As soon as I got the prayer out, a voice in my head said “are you sure about that? Don’t you think that your compassion for people and animals was born from selfishness? You used people (women, family, friends) to serve a selfish need of your own?” And just then an even louder voice said “Why would you listen to Satan? Don’t you know that you are already forgiven and cherished by Me?”

I have heard God speak to me before, but since my “conception” I had not heard God utter a word to me. Rather, the revelations were like a raising of a curtain revealing a knowledge already known. This having been different, I decided to take an opportunity to gain some more insight as to the path I am treading. I said, “God, I feel like I am going crazy with all my thoughts centered around end times, Jesus’ return, and what my purpose in all this is. Could you just tell me when these things are going to pass so I will know that these thoughts are of you and not from me?” He said, “You will see start seeing the signs from April 26th to May 26th… By June 6th it will be undeniable.”

I honestly don’t know if that message was meant just for me or if it is for anyone paying attention. When I received this message it was two to three weeks ago and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky… At least nothing to indicate the coming of a destructive storm. However in the last 10 days, I have witnessed the storm clouds rolling in and the sense of urgency in my heart to share with people the love of Jesus and to be a vessel for God, by which he can remove the veil of this world from the eyes of His children and reveal His glory in their hearts.

I have been successful in allowing the Holy Spirit to use my words to impact those around me and to reach the hardened hearts of some of His wayward sons. I see evidence every day of His awesome power and infallible ways. I needed to share this with you. Even if it is just for one of you in particular. God loves you in a way that sets you apart from everyone else. He is calling you every day to come home, but it’s only a whisper. He doesn’t do this to keep himself hidden from you, but rather to force you to turn down the volume of the world so you can be with Him without distraction and without any influence of the evil of the flesh. Unplug and listen. He is waiting for you.

For those of you who are watching, beware of the four beasts: Iran, North Korea, Russia and China… See the chess board and understand they collectively have just said, “Check, your turn!”

Stay blessed and get righteous for our Savior. He is here and is coming home!

Only By the Grace of HIS Love,